We at the STCA, are a group of volunteers passionate about keeping Simon’s Town and surrounding areas beautiful and well run because as a ratepayer we would imagine that you feel the same way! But, we cannot do it alone and need your assistance in both the monetary and supportive roles.

For R100.00 per year and R300 for 3 (three) years, it is not a lot of money, but it is more about your commitment. We have 200 members of the over 1000 (one thousand) ratepayers in the area, and that needs to change if we are going to continue.

We are looking for people in the 4 areas that fall into our responsibility (Simon’s Town, Glencairn and all their suburbs, Murdoch Valley and Redhill/Dido Valley) to assist with getting new Membership.

We focus on 3 main objectives for the year, but there may be issues that we could look at that we are unaware of. Our last public meeting “where do you see Simon’s Town in 2030” was an eye opener as to what people want! …… This then gives us as a committee direction for the next year. If you don’t say what you feel, no one will) that is not only the negatives but positives as well!

Let us not wait until it is too late for us to make a difference! We rely on Email for our correspondence, so if each member could send us email addresses of surrounding neighbours who are not yet involved that could widen our circle hugely to communicate on a larger scale.

Let us know of meetings you are having in your area so we can be present to get new contacts.

We cannot do this without you.


Please support us, as it is in your interest as well as ours to be part of the solution and maintain this beautiful part of the world.

Email: stcamail@gmail.com


Banking details:

Simonstown Civic Association
Standard Bank
Fish Hoek
Branch Code: 036009
Account Number: 073 815 209
Reference: your name and contact

May also become a member by calling in at the STADCO office on Jubilee Square and pay your subscriptions there.

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