Executive Committee Members for 2018:



Chairman: Richard Kenny

Vice Chairman : Eileen Heywood

Treasurer: Tim Skea

Secretary: Kathy Bolitho


Standing Committees

Membership & Communication: Merle Evertse email: MerleE@ingenuit.co.za

Stadco rep: Richard Kenny email: stcamail@gmail.com

Property: Michael Richards

Joint Association meetings: Eileen Heywood email: eileen.stca@gmail.com


Key Objective Co-ordinators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
In striving to achieve the Key Strategic Objectives the following Key Performance Indicators have been agreed upon by the EXCO

Promote a cohesive community
Re-establish the Joint Associations Meeting (JAM) and hold quarterly meetings. Initial actions to include establishing a common calendar showing key events in the town as well as key organizational dates for the various meetings i.e. monthly, and annual meetings of the
participating organisation’s.
Responsibility – Richard Kenny
Ensure regular (monthly) publication of news and events to the members of the STCA and promote the value of membership.
Responsibility – Michael Richards
Promote membership of the STCA and grow members from 250 to over 400 by end of 2017.
Responsibility – Merle Evertse

Maintain Natural Beauty of Area
Coordinate with the relevant authorities re the eradication of alien vegetation within the boundaries of our community. This will be done by jointly identifying areas needing attention, documenting progress and reporting on such back into the STCA membership via portals as
mention in KPI 2.
Responsibility –
Establish a working relationship with the specific person delegated by the CoCT responsible for liaison on maintaining/ improving beaches in our area and then participate and give community input into upgrades specifically starting with Long Beach.
Responsibility – Kath Bolitho.